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This event will bring an unrivalled line up of world-class suppliers to the Genset, CHP, Data Centre and Consultancy sectors, hundreds of hours of exclusive content from some of the industry’s leading practitioners alongside prime peer networking opportunities. Be at the forefront of some of the industry's greatest!

There are six pillars running along the centre of the whole floor (download floorplan), and these are particularly suitable for branding. We offer two forms of branding - Pillar Wrapping, which give a cylindrical graphic; this can be all-round (ideal for the open-plan venue) or partially cover the pillar.
When wrapping pillars we use flexible PVC prints, which wrap around the pillar,for full coverage, or WW200 for partial coverage.  All will normally run from floor level up to the ceiling. There is one larger pillar at the entrance to the floor.  All the rest are all ‘smaller’pillars.

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